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( Rope Queue Up Stand) Tiang Antrian Bank Pita Tarik
Price telpon
Minumum Order:1 Pieces
Quantity Order:
Payment MethodTelegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Pack. & DeliverySesuai Order


Jaya Stainless is a product agent Q-Up Stand ( Pole queue) or a barrier to the queue.Where we sell products such as pole barrier queues at banks, shopping malls, etc.
We have 2 types of pole model queue that is: Ribbon Rope System ( pull system) Bludru Ropes & Systems ( hook & pin system) . Which of course on the quality of quality and with a very affordable price.

We accept the unit or bulk orders. and also served rental. Stainless Steel Q-Up Stand / barrier queue d is often used in hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, shops and others.

As for size: .
- Long Ribbon max 1, 8 meters
- Width 48 mm tape
- Color adjust
- The length of rope Bludru max 1, 5 meters.
- Diameter of pole 2 "
- Diameter of lower section / base 300 x 40 mm

Contact us: Jaya Stainless
Name: M. Mubarraq
Tel. : 021-860 1862, 861 3346
Fax. : 021-861 8992
Hp: 0813 1004 5708 & ( 021) 9404 8734
Email: sales@

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